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The students do not know how to complete a research paper. They are confused to start the research paper. The students have no enough time and they need to complete their essays within the time limit. In research paper writing, finding data and translation of data into information is very important stage. While you start to research paper writing you need to do more work before writing. Find the topic, information collecting, formatting, discussion, arranging the collected data. Most of the students do not know how to do this important portion of reach paper writing. To do these parts of research paper writing, you must know data analysis and appraisal.

Most of the academics, teachers are don not teach their students how to handle the data and how to add the data into research project or paper. The econometrics tool is used to convert data into decision making points. If you want to change these contents into decision making, you must know probability, matrices, and statistics. If you are started a research paper, you need huge number of data about the topic. After collecting data it reviewed, discussed, translated, and place information in research paper. The writer need data analysis to these works and econometrics is useful in research paper writing.

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